To Craft a Narrative

I’m taking my first foray into political commentary for a number of reasons, paramount of which is the opportunity to present my ideas and reflections in a coherent, professional manner. (But not too professional — several levels below JSTOR but still above Tom Friedman.) If you’re going to share one thing without inhibition, share ideas. I’ll make some errors and my perspectives will evolve, but these aren’t things for which I’ll ever apologise — rather, they’ll show what I will have come to learn in the meantime. Learning is my favourite thing to do and I don’t plan on ever stopping.

In general, I prefer communicating by typing. Besides the “oh my god, is that my voice?!” factor, writing makes it easier for me to clearly communicate what I’m trying to say. Thinking before I speak is very important to me, and here I can articulate something I can’t in a tweet or a quick phone chat. I also hope that writing on a regular basis will improve my ability and translate to a more polished Master’s thesis.

I’ve spent years tiptoeing around taking divisive positions on the internet, where they’re on file for all eternity, cautious that my words may resurface and hinder my ability to be gainfully employed. Much of that reservation was a product of the deference I thought I had to show to make it into the US Foreign Service. This year, though, I’ve lowered the veil, and I’m using this site to discard it entirely. I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to craft my own narrative, one that won’t hold me hostage for something complicated I tried to explain in 140 characters.

If you read any of my posts, which I hope you will, you’ll find that I don’t often mince words. I’m direct, and that often rubs some people the wrong way. Still, in my limited amount of experience, I’ve found that even the most timid coworkers would ultimately rather be told something without the sugar coat.

A bit about me: I’m from Reston, Virginia and currently live in Maastricht, Netherlands. Prior to moving, I was a research associate at a K Street lobby, studied philosophy and political science as an undergraduate, and briefly lived in Jordan and Ghana, where I studied abroad.

I guess that’s it. I felt obligated to do some sort of an introductory post before diving right in to political theory and whatnot.

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